Comedy Club

Welcome to the Comedy Club of Biyani!

We all have heard it since we were children that laughter is the best medicine and it indeed is. Laughter is the sound of soul dancing. Laughter is a simple yet powerful free-self-help tool. It has power to help and heal. We at Biyani are here with a Laughter Club!


The objectives of the club are simple. The club will be home to students who want to laugh and make people laugh. Members can involve themselves in any activity which can turn out to be a mode of laughter and fun for others. Members may arrange stand-up comedy shows or even just sitting together and laughing on some PJ’s creating an atmosphere of glee. Members can get an active involvement on the social platform.

Laughter is the universal language of friendship and laughter is also contagious. At the Club we catch real mirth from each other. Attending a regular laughter club session is an opportunity to meet with like-minded people. The club will organize laughter yoga sessions that are beneficial on a physical, mental and an emotional level.

The club aims to create real-social connections. Laughter can prove to be a therapy that aims to get people laughing in both group and individual sessions and can help reduce stress, make people happier and more committed, as well as improve their interpersonal skills.

Laughter Clubs are FUN & FREE. Plus the laughter club environment is a positive safe emotional environment in which to laugh out loud! So, come, lets laugh!