Question : How many clubs can I join?

Answer : In order to bring maximum contribution it is recommended that you join only 1 club at a time. Although you may join a maximum of 2 clubs at a time.

Question : What is college registration number?

Answer : Registration number is a unique number that has been provided at the time of admission. You can also find it on your college fee receipt. Contact your class teacher in case you are not able to find it.

Question : Is it compulsory to join clubs?

Answer : No, it is not compulsory for every student to join. But, we are trying to make your college life a memorable and exciting one. It is highly recommended that you join these clubs and give your career a new shape.

Question : How do I register myself?

Answer : Visit the register section on the website and fill out the form to become a member of the club or you may also visit the following link -

Question : Can I change the club/clubs after submission of the form?

Answer : You may edit the submitted form anytime before the last day of registration. Visit your inbox to submit the changes.

Question : What is the last date of registration?

Answer : The last date of registration is February 3, 2021

Question : Am I supposed to have full knowledge about the club that I wish to join?

Answer : No, the only requirement is your interest. The purpose of the clubs is to provide a platform to the students to develop and groom their skills. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you are welcome in both the cases.

Question : Where to contact in case of any query?

Answer : Please email us your query/suggestion on our helpline email In order to refine your email ettiquetes, we will keep the mode of communication restricted to emails and no other SNS.

Question : What is the registration fee?

Answer : Registration and participation is absolutely free of charge. All that is required is your desire and passion to learn. It is the time to nurture your hidden inner-talent and show it to the world.

Question : For how long can I be a member of the club?

Answer : You can be a member of the club as long as you wish. We recommend you to get involved from the day you enter the college to the day you finally graduate. However, in case you wish to quit due to some reasons, you are free to do that. In that case, you just need to inform us well in advance.

Question : Will I get any certificate for participating in the clubs?

Answer : After each academic session, you will receive the certificate of participation/ certificate of appreciation depending upon your contribution to the club. We have several awards/recognitions for the clubs from this session onwards.

Question: How will the activities take place in the present?

Answer: As of now, most of the activities will be virtual. However, some of the activities will require physical presence and those will take place with proper measures. Let's hope for things to turn back to normal soon so that clubs can be more active and fun.