Language and Poetry Club

Welcome to the Language and Poetry Club of Biyani!

There is nothing like oratory, it is a skill that can turn a commoner into a king! Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about. The Language and Poetry Club at Biyani is a place where aspiring writers and poets can socialize and develop their writing abilities.


We aim to create a club atmosphere that is inclusive, informal, and fun, while also providing a social setting where aspiring writers can meet, socialize, and network with other writers of the college. The club also has a forum where members can present their work and receive feedback from other writers.

But above all that, our ambition is to promote the art of creative writing on campus and within the wider community through special events and activities. The club focuses on enhancement and development of students’ written expression of thought and provide learner opportunities to explore ideas.

We will provide you many opportunities to participate in different programs and competitions at various level. You are invited to bring along absolutely any questions or ideas for the club.