Techno Club

Welcome to the Techno Club of Biyani!

The club hosts many students not only within the Information Science Department, but all those who are interested in learning more about Information Science generally. The Techno Club provides students with opportunities to discuss various IT issues outside the classroom to create a greater appreciation for and understanding of technology.


The motto of the techno club is to be a leading student organization providing a well-coordinated support hub for its members to engage, explore and evolve as responsible IT professionals with creative and innovative mind to contribute to national socio-economic development.In addition to their own education, IT Club members strive to educate the masses on the use of technology.This club organizes a mix of social, competitive, and informative events throughout the year. The club plans field trips, guest lectures, and special events during the year along with computer training courses for university students. The club will organize workshops and lectures concerned with information technology and computer science to develop and encourage students' talents and hobbies.